Surgical Revision

Surgical Revision

Surgical Revision services offered in Phoenix and Sun City, AZ

Surgical revision is sometimes necessary if you don’t get the expected results from surgery. At Prestige Medical Care, podiatrist and surgeon Devin Bland, DPM, FACFAS, DABPM, offer second opinions and surgical revision options in their office in central Phoenix, Arizona. Click the online scheduler or call the office to set up your consultation now.

Surgical Revision Q&A

What is surgical revision?

Surgical revision refers to surgical procedures that correct surgical mistakes or improve the outcome of previous surgery. 

Why are surgical revisions needed?

Many factors can influence surgery results, leading to ongoing pain and physical complications. In some cases, surgical revision is the most effective way to correct issues such as: 

  • Malfunctioning surgical hardware
  • Hardware migration, like a screw moving out of position
  • Deep infection in the surgical area
  • Implant loosening after many years
  • Implant dislocation
  • Fracture near an implant

Some of the main signs that you need a surgical revision consultation include sudden new pain at the site of your surgery, decreased range of motion, and difficulty keeping up regular activities. 

What is the surgical revision consultation like?

Many patients start considering surgical revision when their original doctor doesn’t provide satisfactory solutions to their ongoing pain and mobility issues. So, the first step in surgical revision is booking an appointment at Prestige Medical Care to get an expert second option. 

Your initial appointment includes a careful physical evaluation, a review of your medical records (with an emphasis on the most recent surgery), and imaging tests to determine where your problems are coming from. 

You’ll then discuss all the treatment options, and if surgery is necessary, you’ll plan the procedure itself. 

Prestige Medical Care guides you through every step of the surgical revision process, from planning to recovery, so you can be confident about getting the right results this time. 

What is recovery like after a surgical revision?

Because many unique factors can come into play with surgical revisions, every surgical case is different. Your revision surgery may be more complicated than the original procedure, and it could require a longer recovery period as well. 

It’s particularly important to follow all the detailed recovery guidelines provided by Prestige Medical Care. Physical therapy and prescribed exercise are more important than ever because you need to strengthen the muscles that support your implant and surgical hardware in their newly corrected positions. 

A surgical revision consultation is the next step if you’re having ongoing pain or other issues following surgery. To get a second option from the surgical revision specialists, call Prestige Medical Care or book your appointment through the online scheduling feature now.