Physical Exam

Physical Exam

Physical Exam services offered in Phoenix and Sun City, AZ

Physical exams help to protect and maintain your health. At Prestige Medical Care in Phoenix, Arizona, Carla Aldaz, MSN, FNP, ANCC-BC offers physical exams to people of all ages, including annual, sports, and Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals. Call Prestige Medical Care today to schedule a physical exam for yourself or your child or book your appointment online.

Physical Exam Q&A

I’m healthy. Do I need a physical exam?

Yes. Routine physical exams are essential, even if you feel healthy. Many chronic health problems, such as diabetes, take months or even years to develop. They don’t always present obvious symptoms, so you might be sick but not realize it.

Regular physicals at Prestige Medical Care catch diseases early and prevent them from worsening. They can also help you meet certain requirements for work, school, or immigration purposes.

What is the purpose of physical exams?

Prestige Medical Care uses physical exams to:

  • Assess your health and well-being
  • Make recommendations about achieving and maintaining good health
  • Look for underlying health problems
  • Update your immunizations and vaccines
  • Answer questions about your health
  • Verify you’re healthy enough to play sports or perform specific work-related tasks. 

What are the types of physical exams?

Prestige Medical Care offers several types of physical exams, including:

Routine physicals

A routine physical, or wellness check, focuses on preventive care. Your provider looks for potential health problems or concerns and makes personalized treatment recommendations. 

Physicals also present an opportunity to undergo routine screenings, such as bloodwork and urinalysis.

Sports physicals

Prestige Medical Care might recommend a sports physical if you run or participate in organized athletics.

A sports physical assesses your risk of injury and educates you on proper physical fitness. Your provider teaches you how to warm up, cool down, and maximize your performance on the court, track, or playing field. 

Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals

You might need a DOT physical if you drive a city bus or another type of commercial vehicle. 

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires all commercial drivers to undergo a physical exam every two years. Annual tests might be necessary if you have a chronic health problem, like obstructive sleep apnea.

Immigration physicals

An immigration physical is a special medical test required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCIS).

All people immigrating to the U.S. must undergo special screening for diseases like tuberculosis (TB) and syphilis. You might also need additional screens, depending on your health history.

School physicals

Many private, public, and charter schools require students to undergo a physical exam before each new school year starts.

Prestige Medical Care regularly provides school physicals to children, teens, and adults.

Call Prestige Medical Care today to schedule a physical exam for yourself or your child, or book your appointment online.