Pediatrics services offered in Phoenix and Sun City, AZ

Pediatrics provides all of your child’s primary health care needs, from annual physicals and immunizations to urgent care and injury treatment. At Prestige Medical Care in Phoenix, Arizona, Devin Bland, DPM, FACFAS, DABPM, and Carla Aldaz, MSN, FNP, ANCC-BC, offer pediatrics to infants, children, and teens. Routine checkups can alert you to underlying medical conditions and ensure your child stays healthy. Call Prestige Medical Care today to schedule a pediatric exam for your child, or book your appointment online.

Pediatrics Q&A

My child is healthy. Do they really need pediatrics?

Yes. Routine pediatric visits are essential, even if your child is healthy and meeting all of their developmental milestones. 

Many acute and chronic illnesses develop slowly or don’t present obvious symptoms. Routine checkups at Prestige Medical Care protect your child’s well-being and reduce their risk of common illnesses and injuries. 

What services does pediatrics provide?

The pediatric specialists at Prestige Medical Care provide preventive medicine and treat infections, injuries, and diseases. Depending on your child’s needs, they might recommend:

  • A physical exam
  • Regular health and wellness screenings (for example, bloodwork and urinalysis)
  • Diagnose and treat illnesses, injuries, or health conditions
  • Prescribe medication
  • Give vaccines or immunizations
  • Offer health advice

Prestige Medical Care understands that every child has unique needs. The providers never rush pediatric consultations and take the time to understand your child’s symptoms and goals. 

Prestige Medical Care diagnoses and treats most pediatric problems onsite, but if your child needs more advanced care, they can refer you to nearby specialists as needed.

What happens during a pediatrics visit?

At Prestige Medical Care, no two pediatric visits are exactly alike. The providers tailor the appointment to your child’s age and medical history. Even so, most exams include the following:

Review of medical records and lifestyle

Your child’s provider reviews their medical records and asks questions about their mood, appetite, and energy levels. Answer these questions as honestly as possible, as they provide key insights into your child’s physical and mental health.

Complete physical exam

Next, your child’s Prestige Medical Care provider completes a comprehensive physical exam, assessing all aspects of your child’s health, including their growth and development. 

Then, they order lab testing, including blood work and urinalysis, update your child’s immunizations, and refill their prescription medication (if they take any). 

Specialty screening

Prestige Medical Care might recommend specialty screening, such as hearing or vision testing, if your child is having problems at school. 

These tests can determine if your child might benefit from eyeglasses or hearing aids, making it easier for them to interact with peers and teachers.

Call Prestige Medical Care today to schedule pediatrics for your child, or book an appointment online.